To Read This Poem

Type in the following characters or
identify below each photograph
containing one or more egrets.
(FTWA: the egret is a member of
the heron family, usually buff or
white, developing fine plumes
during breeding season. I should add
they are a most majestic bird. In fact,
this poem is about egrets, but
you won’t be able to appreciate it
if you can’t focus on the task at hand
and enter the appropriate keystrokes or
click on all the right pictures.)
Alternately, you may submit
your name, SSN, DOB, along
with a clear headshot in which
you are not smiling. If approved,
access to this poem will be granted
within 30 days. In addition, all users
must agree to our terms of service
(TOS). Please note that your assent
to said terms authorizes us to
advise you of future poems
published here as well as various offers
from our sponsors, including
individual retirement accounts
. So,
please, attend these details, and
enjoy the poem.

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About the Contributor

David Oestreich

David Oestreich
David Oestreich lives in Northwestern Ohio with his wife and three children. His poetry has been published in such online and print venues as Ruminate, Foundling Review, Rock and Sling, Tar River Poetry, and Red Wheelbarrow. Cosmophagy, a collection of his poems, is now available for purchase. 


  1. Howard Wetzel says:

    To read this poem, to write this response, click, sort, sign-on, click, click, type, click, type. . .watch for a response, a ripple for a stone thrown into silence. . . ah, the wonder of the modern, mediated, addicting. discarnate life, seeking ‘connection’, audience, influence. . .maybe even profit and a livelihood. Sign-off and go watch the egrets in the wetlands, before the egrets and the wetlands and the memory of a whole incarnate life disappears. . .and take someone with you.

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