Steve Turner’s “Popcultured”: A Review

Steve Turner, in Popcultured: Thinking Christianly About Style, Media and Entertainment, takes on the daunting task of exploring the relationship Christianity ought to have with popular culture. Turner is addressing the stream of thought within Christendom that separates Christianity and popular culture. This book is not a theological treatise or a doctrinal handbook, “but it’s essentially […]

How the Christian Media Industry Made “Bible” into a Category Instead of a Proper Name

Tonight, after dinner, baths, and a lot of screaming, my wife and I will settle down next to our toddlers and attempt to inculcate them into the Christian mythos telling them the stories of Abraham, Rahab, Paul, Silas, and the rest. Sometimes we read from our own leather-bound Bibles, but most nights we use books […]

Derek Schuurman’s “Shaping a Digital World”: A Review

Writing about technology is difficult. Writing well about technology is more difficult and writing well about technology from an authentically Christian perspective is especially difficult. The problems are numerous: a multiplicity of definitions of technology, a lack of a robust vocabulary to dissect and explore technology, bad theology, an easy temptation to black and white […]

The Seduction of Transparency

Transparency will make us all moral. Soon we will have the technical means necessary to make all the important acts in our lives traceable. Our power to spot and confront cheating and illegality of all stripes expands constantly. So our attention turns to ethical questions. Given our growing awareness that everything we do is being […]

Reading List: Best of 2013

  For our reading list this week, here’s a look back on our 10 most popular posts in 2013. We’ve got articles on praise teams, Christian hacking, microphones, Radical Orthodoxy, Youtube and more. Enjoy! 10. Of Mics and Men: An Argument Against Microphones in the Liturgy By Brantly Millegan 9. The Technological Return to the Family: […]

Review of D. Brent Layham’s “iPod, YouTube, Wii Play: Theological Engagements with Entertainment”

Over on the website reformation21, one of Second Nature‘s contributors and editorial board members, T. David Gordon, recently reviewed D. Brent Layham’s new book iPod, YouTube, Wii Play: Theological Engagements with Entertainment. Gordon has glowing praise for the book: I had hardly finished reading this book before I knew I would eagerly read it again. There is so […]

Modern Reformation and Media Ecology

Modern Reformation, the flagship magazine of the White Horse Inn with Michael Horton, devotes most of its current issue (May-June, 2013) to media ecological content. Ryan Glomsrud, executive editor of the magazine, introduces the confessional-Protestant publication by saying “we have to think carefully, not only about how we use technology but about how technologies are […]

The Perils and Promise of Cyber-Church

The internet is volatilizing and reconfiguring political life in late-modern highly-developed societies. If Christian theology gives us any critical purchase on the cultural developments that surround and shape us, it will thus need to make its insights felt here. We tend to assume that the internet and the various communication gadgets that go along with […]

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