Adagio for Skin

  Little man behind the podium I think I know where you’re coming from; but all of your dead philosophy is vanity of vanities. I know the dark night of the soul – the bitter, existential cold; but I’ve been clothed in righteousness, and no dress can compete with this. Your progress is a fallacy. […]

The Ballad of Marshall McLuhan

This might be the most fun introduction to Marshall McLuhan you’ll find. The song: The Ballad of Marshall McLuhan The band: The Vestibules The album: Radio Free Vestibule Lyrics Once upon a time there was a town A town where chaos reigned. Lawlessness was everywhere And there was no cohesive theory existing which properly explained […]

Arcade Fire: On Reflektion

It’s a music video, but it only works on your computer. Scratch that, it only works in your web browser–that is, if you are using Google Chrome and have a web cam AND have a smart phone handy. This is Arcade Fire’s latest ‘Chrome Experiment,’ which they are promoting in advance of their new album, […]

Digital Exile: Media Ecology in a New Key

  The newly released album, Subtlety, is your perfect new soundscape for long stretches of media ecology reading. The band, Digital Exile, puts media ecology into a smooth progressive rock setting with titles like “Senses,” “Abstracted,” “Council of Heretics,” featuring a great blend of thoughtful lyrics, heavy riffs, rocking guitar solos, and biblical references to satisfy […]

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