Is Contraception Christian?

There’s no doubt that birth control is being discussed more now than since the Pill was released in the 60s. However, in Christian circles the question of contraception has tended to center around the ends of family planning: is it permissible for Christians to plan how many children to have, or should we simply let […]

The Seduction of Transparency

Transparency will make us all moral. Soon we will have the technical means necessary to make all the important acts in our lives traceable. Our power to spot and confront cheating and illegality of all stripes expands constantly. So our attention turns to ethical questions. Given our growing awareness that everything we do is being […]

5 Digital Dangers, from John Piper

Former pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis and evangelical theologian John Piper recently posted a devotional called Five Digital Dangers. For each danger, Piper includes a resolution, or some way to combat the problem. For example, the third danger: 3) “Personal” relations with a machine Like no other invention, a computer comes closest to being like […]

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