The Betrayal by Technology: A Portrait of Jacques Ellul

Editor’s Note: The Betrayal by Technology, a Portrait of Jacques Ellul is an hour long interview with the French theologian and sociologist, Jacques Ellul, produced by ReRun Productions. Released in 1996, the interview touches on several of the main themes of Ellul’s body of work, including the technological society, the problems technique poses to ethics, and Ellul’s […]

Lenten Reflections: Ash Wednesday

Note: Nowadays, technology is one of the most popular objects of Lenten sacrifice. We’ll be posting a series of weekly reflections on technology and spiritual life on Wednesdays throughout Lent, examining our own use of technology. One of the biggest reasons why people fast from technology during Lent is that we’re often frivolous in the time […]

America: Where Nobody Knows Your Name

Every once in a while, you experience one of those sublime moments when an advertisement pulls back the curtain just enough for you to see what the marketers are really trying to sell you. Usually, they’re smart and try to convince you that when you buy a new smartphone you are really buying coolness, innovation, […]

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