Screwtape Writes Again: The Luciferian Laptop

My Dear Wormwood: Your new charge is a seminary student, a young man of twenty-eight years of age, with plenty of idealism, but little experience or knowledge of the Bible or of his own soul. Make note of that! You know how our Father Below loves ignorance and reckless enthusiasm. The propaganda on the other […]

“Her” & Artificial Immortality

  Her is available on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, May 13. View the trailer: Perhaps the most absurd scene in the movie “Her” is when Theodore and Samantha have what we’ll call, for lack of a better metaphor, “phone sex.”  This scene is actually the second of its kind in the film. The first, though, earns […]

Derek Schuurman’s “Shaping a Digital World”: A Review

Writing about technology is difficult. Writing well about technology is more difficult and writing well about technology from an authentically Christian perspective is especially difficult. The problems are numerous: a multiplicity of definitions of technology, a lack of a robust vocabulary to dissect and explore technology, bad theology, an easy temptation to black and white […]

The Overview Effect

“We’re going to turn the camera around and show you the Earth,” begins OVERVIEW, a documentary about the first images of Earth taken by humans and the effect that picture of the earth had on the astronauts who took it–and eventually the rest of the culture. The documentary discusses what author Frank White calls the […]

‘Is It Ok to Use iPads in Church?’ Asks Catholic Diocese in Survey

The Catholic Diocese of Wichita, KS just sent out a survey to Catholic faithful asking what people thought about iPads being used in Mass. There’s also been a discussion over at the Gospel Coalition on the same subject. What do you think? Do tablet computers have a place in Christian worship?

5 Digital Dangers, from John Piper

Former pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis and evangelical theologian John Piper recently posted a devotional called Five Digital Dangers. For each danger, Piper includes a resolution, or some way to combat the problem. For example, the third danger: 3) “Personal” relations with a machine Like no other invention, a computer comes closest to being like […]

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