God’s Grandeur in the Media Environment

Part six in our Lenten series on technology and spirituality. At the beginning of Lent, we examined how time-saving technology often has the tendency to help us do more work in less time and then fill up our extra time with new kinds of work. I think we intuitively realize this and commit ourselves to media […]

America: Where Nobody Knows Your Name

Every once in a while, you experience one of those sublime moments when an advertisement pulls back the curtain just enough for you to see what the marketers are really trying to sell you. Usually, they’re smart and try to convince you that when you buy a new smartphone you are really buying coolness, innovation, […]

Reading List: Mass Mobs, Internet Inequality, and Big Ads

This week check out how much time you’ve wasted on Facebook, how not to get massively hacked, and read about the ‘likability’ of different sized internet ads. And if you missed it last week, be sure to check out Brett Robinson’s piece on what Apple is really selling: poetry, beauty, romance and meaning. Touching is […]

The Marriage of Religion and Technology: Reading Apple’s Allegorical Advertising

Steve Jobs invited a number of lofty comparisons during his career. The New York Times likened him to Thomas Edison. Others have called him the Leonardo da Vinci of our generation. Jobs also had a lot in common with the early American philosopher-inventor, Benjamin Franklin. He inherited Franklin’s “Protestant ethic” of mixing morality and capitalism […]

Reading List: November 25

  Each week, we put together a reading list of the best articles on technology, new media, and religion from across the web. Here’s what we’re reading this week. Happy Thanksgiving! Redeeming Technologies – The New Atlantis “For the secularization hypothesis, the evidence of history is decidedly mixed. It is, in spite of Nietzsche’s astute observation, […]

Why Everything Sucks, According to Craig Ferguson

Comedian Craig Ferguson back in 2010 explains “why everything sucks”…and he lays the blame on marketing to youth.

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