All submissions should be sent to

Text, image, and video submissions are accepted. Submissions should adhere to the general boundaries set by the journal’s description, but there is no religious test for the authors submitting pieces.

Topics we are currently interested in (

  • Media ecology critique and appreciation of Laudato Si
  • Is using an ad blocker stealing from publishing companies?
  • Christian Ethics of digital privacy
  • What role should mortality rate play in making ethical decisions about whether to adopt technology (ie automobiles, airplanes, etc)

Books available for review (Email to request a book):

  • Michael Burdett, Eschatology and the Technological Future, Routledge Studies in Religion
  • Susan Philips, The Cultivated Life, Intervarsity Press

For text submissions, articles, poetry, short stories, and other types of written pieces are accepted. For articles, there are no strict word count restrictions, but a good rule of thumb is 1000-3000 words for articles. Citations should be made as links within the text as often as possible. All other citations should be made in parentheses within the text, conforming to the APA style.

For image and video submissions, some sort of short description should be included.

If it is your first submission, please include a brief bio and a personal head-shot for us to put at the end of your piece and on your contributor’s page.

All submissions are edited. No honorariums can be paid at this time.