Media Literacy Books of the Near Future

Classic media literacy books, re-imagined for the near future in which they will be necessary:


1. The Emojis of Style

Emojis of Style

The Emojis of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White


2. How to Read a Blog

How to Read a Blog

How to Read a Blog: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading by Mortimer J. Adler & Charles Van Doren


3. Why Johnny Can’t Tweet

Why Johnny Can't Tweet

Why Johnny Can’t Tweet and What You Can Do About It by Rudolf Flesch

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Read Mercer Schuchardt

Read Mercer Schuchardt
Read Mercer Schuchardt is the Chairman of the Editorial Board of Second Nature and is an Associate Professor of Communication at Wheaton College. He is the co-author of Understanding Jacques Ellul. He and his wife Rachel have ten children and live in Wheaton, IL. 


  1. Howard Wetzel says:

    Brilliant comment on the shrinking attention span of reading.

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