McLuhan receives McLuhan Award

We are pleased to announce that editorial board member Eric McLuhan was awarded with the third annual Medium and the Light awardEric McLuhan receives award on October 23rd. During a celebration at St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto, over 50 scholars gathered at the old coach house where Eric’s father Marshall McLuhan had his office and classroom to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its opening.

The award was presented by Howard Engel who serves as director of the McLuhan Initiative at the University of Manitoba’s St. Paul College. It is presented annually to “thinkers who have done extraordinary work researching, extending and amplifying McLuhan’s religious insights.”

Besides serving on our editorial board, Eric has edited a collection of interviews, essays, and letters revealing his father Marshall’s reflections on religion:  The Medium and the Light and has been invited to speak at the Vatican on issues related to media, education, and religion several times.

Previous winners of the award include Pierre Babin, OMI and Thomas Cooper of Emerson College.

Read more on Eric McLuhan and his award at the Catholic Register.

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Benjamin Robertson
Benjamin Robertson is a founding editor at Second Nature. He has worked in advertising for the Chicago Tribune and Gannett, and now is a web developer at Mediacurrent. He studied Communications and Media Studies under Dr. Read Schuchardt at Wheaton College in Illinois. He has presented papers on Marshall McLuhan, media ecology, and Christianity at the Media Ecology Association, National Communication Association, and the McLuhan's Philosophy of Media Centennial Conference in Brussels. He lives with his wife, Ruth, in Greenville, SC. His personal website is

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