Jacques and Wendell

A writer for the International Jacques Ellul Society recently published a wonderful little essay comparing the thoughts and standpoints of their namesake with that of Wendell Berry. If you’ve got a little less than 10 minutes of free time and you want to feel smarter and more human at the end of it, then give this piece a look-see.

Ellul and Berry

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James Ogden Sharpe

James Ogden Sharpe is a black belt from Texas pursuing a Bachelor's in interdisciplinary studies combining anthropology, psychology, and media studies. Were the world's economic, social, and political edifices not crumbling, he would study literature or photography or spend more time at the movies. His work has appeared before many professors and has been generally well-received--in the B+ to A- range. 


  1. Howard Wetzel says:

    A just , insightful comparison. Another McLuhanesque contrast implicit in the conclusion: Berry as a poet and farmer is more percept-based than the concept-based philosopher Ellul. That’s why Berry appreciates the effort of his work and gets closer to the trees.

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