‘Is It Ok to Use iPads in Church?’ Asks Catholic Diocese in Survey

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The Catholic Diocese of Wichita, KS just sent out a survey to Catholic faithful asking what people thought about iPads being used in Mass.

There’s also been a discussion over at the Gospel Coalition on the same subject.

What do you think? Do tablet computers have a place in Christian worship?

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  1. I use my smartphone for taking notes on the sermon, so it’s tantamount to asking whether it’s ok to bring a pen and paper into the service!

    • Benjamin Robertson says:

      But don’t you think that there is quite a difference between someone bringing a smartphone into a church and someone bringing in paper and pencil? The main difference I would see is that the smartphone is capable of so much more than just taking notes–in fact, its primary use is for communication with others who are far away (via texting, calling, emailing, social media, etc) while a pen and paper is really used primarily to archive something and save it for later.

      And of course, it all depends on the church context too. I would be very surprised to see someone at my church (Roman Catholic) with a pen and paper during the service. There wouldn’t be a reason for them to have one.

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