Hearing Bly Read

hearing bly read final

His words bubbled from the speakers

as he bantered with the host,

his voice coffee-warm with a Norwegian froth;

he began reading in a tone one might use

when granting deepest confidence—

interrupting himself, making mid-poem commentary,

repeating favorite stanzas—


and I knew again that I was fatherless,

and I felt like a blind man, and mute from birth.

When he finished, the host segued to a country star,

and I turned off the radio, driving on in a silence

composed of the slap of wiper blades,

the moan of tire tread, the persistent spit of rain,

and the breath of my sons as they slept.



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About the Contributor

David Oestreich

David Oestreich
David Oestreich lives in Northwestern Ohio with his wife and three children. His poetry has been published in such online and print venues as Ruminate, Foundling Review, Rock and Sling, Tar River Poetry, and Red Wheelbarrow. Cosmophagy, a collection of his poems, is now available for purchase. 


  1. Michael Plato says:

    I once interviewed Robert Bly for a student newspaper and he had a similar effect. I enjoyed your poem!

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