On Entrapment In a Media Era

poem final

Ours is a world of gorging
Half blind.
Looks alright, take a bite,
Leave it behind.
Fast paced,
So little time to taste,
Seeking sustenance-
“Was that a crumb
That fed me well?
But with no permanence…”

(How did we get here?)
On a pig’s ear.
(Are we mad?)
Yet strangely under-fed.
Too lazy, too busy
To care.
Useless hammering
And eyes that blankly stare.

Oh, there was a feast
And friends
And rare delights!
We lost them scrolling
Rather than strolling
Through the nights.

There was a screen
In hand
And on the wall-
“People are living there!
We’ll watch them
As we fall.”

And there were hands
That should be held
And there were tears to cry!
But messages like
Circus clowns
Kept passing by.

There were kids to kiss
And blissful songs to sing,
Laughs to roar
And that truest sense of living.

Oh, but tiny morsels
Bleak and gray
We kept snatching up
So we forgot to play.

And then,
At the end of the day
It all fell useless
In a pile
Of vain-memory decay.

Didn’t it?

(Photo credit: Nicola / Flickr)

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Charlene Nelson
Charlene Nelson resides in Chilliwack, British Columbia. She's a stay-at-home mom to her 2 year old daughter Adelle and has been writing theological articles and poetry on her personal blog at ComeToChrist.ca for several years. She has been published on ChurchLeaders.com and was listed as one of blogger Tim Challies' favorite female bloggers this year. Her most recent undertaking is her new blog at PoetryRenascent.com, where she plans to make ardent effort towards revitalizing poetry as an art form within Christianity. 

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