Digital Mindshifting: Integrating Our Minds with Digital Technology

In this TEDx presentation, Derrick de Kerchkove invites us on an epistemological adventure to consider the ‘mindshift’ taking place as we become more and more comfortable integrating our lives with digital technology.

De Kerchkove is a professor of Sociology at the University Federico II in Naples and the former director of the McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology at the University of Toronto. He has authored a dozen books, including his latest ebook, The Augmented Mind.

As we spend more time at work and at home with our screens, de Kerchkove argues that we will become more deeply affected by our digital unconscious–everything that’s known about you that you don’t know. Of course, who has access to our digital unconsciousness is at the center of the NSA policy debate, bringing us face to face with the realization that we don’t have control over our unconscious. As we look to a future in which we become more concerned with publishing ourselves in digital profiles, de Kerchove expects we will become to believe more in the self we export than the one we build within. Who will we become?

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Benjamin Robertson

Benjamin Robertson
Benjamin Robertson is a founding editor at Second Nature. He has worked in advertising for the Chicago Tribune and Gannett, and now is a web developer at Mediacurrent. He studied Communications and Media Studies under Dr. Read Schuchardt at Wheaton College in Illinois. He has presented papers on Marshall McLuhan, media ecology, and Christianity at the Media Ecology Association, National Communication Association, and the McLuhan's Philosophy of Media Centennial Conference in Brussels. He lives with his wife, Ruth, in Greenville, SC. His personal website is

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