Marshall McLuhan- The Playboy Interview

The one good thing Playboy brought into the cultural conversation: the long-form interview

In Amish Country, The Future is Calling

“People are treating those phones like they are gods,” she said. “They’re bowing down to it at the table, bowing down to it when they’re walking. Here we say we don’t bow down to idols, and that’s getting dangerously close, I think.” — NY Times

Media Ecology’s Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls were a hugely important discovery for biblical scholarship. They contained ancient manuscripts of Scripture as well as extra-biblical literature that helped scholars understand the cultural and historical place of these scriptures. Media Ecology is about to experience a Dead Sea Scrolls moment. Eric McLuhan has gathered and expanded on all of […]

Surprise: You’re the New Medium

So get ready for your parents to complain that if you really loved them, you’d keep the snap streak going. -David Pierce, “What Lies Ahead” (Wired, February 2017) The content of the new medium is the what? That’s right: the old medium. Of course, in the digital age, what the hell even is the old or new […]

Media Ecological Poetry: “Religious Climate”

Dr. Read Mercer Schuchardt and his colleague, Dr. William Irwin have recently published a swift but piercing piece called “Religious Climate.” It’s William Carlos Williams meets Neil Postman doused in Scriptural truth. What could possibly be cooler? Religious Climate by William Irwin and Read Mercer Schuchardt

A brief note on “millennials” and their “problem”

Wired published a piece in their September 2016 issue titled “Like. Flirt. Ghost: A Journey into the Social Media Lives of Teens.” It consisted of mini-portraits of five individuals from across the country. The author, Mary H. K. Choi, writes gracefully, allowing them the flexibility and flux to be and not to be what they […]

Jacques and Wendell

A writer for the International Jacques Ellul Society recently published a wonderful little essay comparing the thoughts and standpoints of their namesake with that of Wendell Berry. If you’ve got a little less than 10 minutes of free time and you want to feel smarter and more human at the end of it, then give […]

An Update for Our Readers

Dear Reader, You may have noticed a slow-down in the essays, poems, and reviews that we normally offer here at Second Nature over the past several months. For those of you who looked forward to our material, I am sorry to have disappointed you. For those of you who submitted content for publication, I am […]

Media Ecology in Music

Being privy to the effects of technology on culture is all the rage these days. Whether you’re Childish Gambino writing an entire album entitled “Because the Internet” or whether your a bluegrass group eccentrically weaving the themes of worship and wireless together, if you want the ear of the modern public you better have something […]

McLuhan Reconsidered by LA Review of Books

How to Become a Famous Media Scholar: The Case of Marshall McLuhan Following the link, you’ll find an article by Jefferson Pooley for the L.A. Review of Books. The title, you may have noticed, is a bit sardonic. And reading the rest of the article will convince you, the author clearly has his issues with […]

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