RIP Leonard Cohen

Rest in piece, Leonard Cohen. See these two eulogies: Leonard Cohen, the Christ-Haunted – Joe Heschmeyer My Friend Leonard Cohen: Darkness and Praise – Leon Wieseltier

Media Literacy Books of the Near Future

Classic media literacy books, re-imagined for the near future in which they will be necessary:   1. The Emojis of Style   2. How to Read a Blog   3. Why Johnny Can’t Tweet

Amish is the new counter-culture

Ross Douthat, a columnist for the New York Times, published a short article pushing a “technology-driven hypothesis” for the apparent decline in youth of various immoral behaviors over the past few decades. The basic idea is extremely simple. Instead of studying how digital media “affect” our values and rituals, we should pay attention to how they […]

Film and History Association Conference Call for Papers!

The Film and History Association Conference has dedicated four special sessions to the Media Ecology Association! They’ve called for papers and proposals from anyone who has something to add to these four conversations: Media, Iconology, and Celebrity on Screen – Cinema and the Shaping of Popular Culture Gods “For over a century, the film industry […]

Presence in the Modern World by Jacques Ellul–A New Translation!

Jacques Ellul’s classic book on the Christian’s role in a technologically mediated society just got a fresh translation done, the first in over 50 years. And let me just say, the new cover is so cute, so modern. It hits the hipster aesthetic nail on its bearded, ray-bans wearing head. This book will look great on your coffee table or bookshelf […]

Three Lessons from Father Daniel J. Berrigan

At least for my generation (Millennials), “the 70’s” means sex, drugs, and bad hair, and “the 80’s” means sex on TV, good music, and the decade my thrift-store clothes are from. What doesn’t come to mind is “penniless, powerful” or “defiant priest.” And yet, anyone familiar with the pacifist resistance movements in those years will […]

For Whom is the Meeting the Message?

Just a couple weeks ago, the grand imam of a major Sunni University, Ahmad el-Tayeb, met Pope Francis at the Vatican for a peaceful conversation. The pope sat facing the grand imam beside his desk instead of with the desk between them as a gesture of equality. More awkward than fraternal, if you ask me–unless […]

Till Texts Do Us Part

In a news post that might be the plot of a web-drama by some college-age Tumblr kid, it’s been revealed that a newlywed couple in Saudi Arabia’s marriage lasted a sum total of less than 24 hours because “the bride… wouldn’t stop texting her friends.” In perhaps the most memorable moment of the seven sentence […]

Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer Turns Fifty

The world’s literati know that some of the greatest writers have also been some of the greatest satirists. Jane Austen and Jonathan Swift come to mind. So does Kurt Vonnegut. But this year marks the semi-centennial of one particular master of sarcasm and satire. And that would be the inimitable Walker Percy. Percy’s first and most widely acclaimed novel, The Moviegoer, won […]

New Poetry Collection by David Oestreich

David Oestreich, one of our longest standing contributors and the first poet we featured on Second Nature, has released a new collection of poems, titled Cosmophagy. From the description: If you sit up at night thinking about leaves realizing “they’re each alone / and out on a limb,” or wait for “each day to be sliced […]

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