Author: Shane Hipps

Shane Hipps is the former Teaching Pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. He started his career advertising Porsche Cars North America, then attended Fuller Theological Seminary, after which he lead a small Mennonite Church in Phoenix, AZ. He is the author of The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture, Flickering Pixels, and Selling Water By The River. He is currently a full time teacher, speaker, and writer. His personal website is

Together Apart

A few years ago, AT&T launched an ad campaign for its mobile phone services. In it, a business traveler checks into a stark and lifeless motel room. He sits alone on the bed, dejected and lonely. The ad then cuts to him sitting in an airport after his flight has been delayed. A close-up of […]

Forming our Souls with Facebook

If you make it to the end of this article, you are an impressive and rare breed of human—an intellectual Navy SEAL, an elite mind, trained with an ability most people just don’t have anymore—the ability to sustain mental concentration over long periods of time on a single subject.  This capacity, to endure a cerebral […]