Author: Joseph Kim

Joseph Kim is Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology at Lancaster Bible College, where he teaches theology, including courses in Christianity and culture, and theology of media. He earned his ThM and PhD at Dallas Theological Seminary. His dissertation, Marshall McLuhan’s Theological Anthropology won the 2011 Harold A. Innis Award from the Media Ecology Association. He is happily married to a wonderful woman, Nina (whose name is almost always mispronounced by those who don’t know her), and they have three daughters and a son who are progressively exiting the nest.

Why Environmentalism Needs Media Ecology

Much of Christian thought about the environment has proceeded from a dualistic emphasis on the eternal, spiritual aspect of humanity set in opposition to our temporal and material aspect. The result, particularly among evangelicals, has often been one of neglect bordering on disdain for human effects on the natural environment. As Theodore Hiebert (2011) observed, […]