Author: Garrett Soucy

Garrett Soucy, of Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Soucy, has been the singer/songwriter for a number of projects including Tree by Leaf, Sunlight in Architecture, and Calvin & the Freewill Agents. He has been writing lyrics for close 20 years, mining for God from the marrow of all that is good, true and beautiful. The Portland Phoenix said that he is, “. . . widely admired as one of the best songwriters Maine has ever produced.” He has shared the stage with numerous international acts, and although he no longer performs regularly, he continues to write and record songs… as well as deliver at least one sermon every week. He is the husband of one wife, father of 6 children, and pastor of Christ the King Church in Belfast, Maine. He is concerned with measuring his moments against eternity, rather than minutes, and proclaiming the Gospel to a world in need of good news.

Adagio for Skin

  Little man behind the podium I think I know where you’re coming from; but all of your dead philosophy is vanity of vanities. I know the dark night of the soul – the bitter, existential cold; but I’ve been clothed in righteousness, and no dress can compete with this. Your progress is a fallacy. […]