Author: Christian Roy

Christian Roy is a cultural historian (Ph.D. McGill 1993), an art and cinema critic, and a multilingual translator. Based in Montreal, where he co-leads a film-based psychonalytic seminar on the historical anthropology of the present age, this independent scholar is a specialist of the French Personalist tradition, having identified its Bordeaux School around Bernard Charbonneau and Jacques Ellul as the cradle of political ecology and the critique of technology in the 1930s. Aside from his published thesis and numerous scholarly and magazine articles, Roy is the author of Traditional Festivals: A Multicultural Encyclopedia (2 volumes or e-book). (Santa Barbara, CA, ABC-Clio, 2005)

Sea Change: James Cameron’s The Abyss as McLuhanian Apocalypse

James Cameron’s films, Hollywood blockbusters though they are, may also be read in terms of a Canadian sensibility that is prone to problematizing mankind’s relation to technology and communications media, as epitomized by Marshall McLuhan (see Babe 2000; Kroker 1984). The Terminator films are thus based on the idea of the nascent Internet as a […]