Author: Brett Foster

Brett Foster is the author of two books of poetry, The Garbage Eater (Triquarterly Books / Northwestern University Press, 2011), and Fall Run Road, which was awarded Finishing Line Press's Open Chapbook Prize. His poems have appeared in numerous journals and in the anthology American Religious Poems (Library of America). He has also written essays on literature, culture, and technology for journals such as Books & Culture, Boston Review, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Comment, The Cresset, Huffington Post, Kenyon Review, and Literary Imagination. He teaches Renaissance literature and creative writing at Wheaton College.

About Your Artsy Facebook Profile Pic

Hey, look at that— petunias near a curb, yet I can’t help but think it’s still superbly about you, you as you coyly hold back beyond the frame, saying matter-of-factly that it’s not about me and no “me” here. But everyone knows. It’s totally clear. Garish enough, however you treat it: no need for initials, […]

Looking Back Upon the Era of YouTube

By this means, they tried to make themselves immortal, the scroll of their days and silly jokes unrolling digitally, the flickering video rolling ever onward tirelessly recording, continuously on as they uploaded incessantly, clicking on phone or tablet, as if to make penny offerings to the great god they had raised to make themselves laugh. […]