Author: Brantly Millegan

Brantly Millegan is a Co-Founder of Second Nature. He has a BA in Philosophy from Wheaton College (IL), an MA in Theology from the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity in St. Paul, MN, and is working on a PhD in Moral Theology at Catholic University of America. He is the Founder and Editor of ChurchPOP. You can learn more about what he's doing on his personal website,

Of Mics and Men: An Argument Against Microphones in the Liturgy

Kevin White started a conversation in a recent article at First Things regarding what is perhaps the most consequential yet least discussed liturgical innovation of the last century: the use of microphones. Though his piece is entitled ‘Drop the Mic’, White doesn’t actually recommend we stop using microphones at Mass, but concludes with a request for further […]