After Sparknotes

after sparknotes

After the book came SparkNotes,
prepared at a moment’s notice

to simplify character, plot, and theme
for those who need the classics

with less language
and sophistication.

Tired of studying? Sponsored ads
offer competing models of interest

with informative captions like
“Find Your Secret Crush Now”

and “Cutest Celebs on Twitter.”
You can click them with the time

you’ve saved from reading,
or maybe take “The Dating Quiz.”

Sometimes it feels like cheating,
but you’re no English Major—

you’re just taking the elevator
over the tedious, winding steps

of really thinking for yourself.
Yes, at this rate, when you grow up

and work some non-literary job
full time, cook dinner, change laundry,

and at last retire to the recliner,
you can then finally watch breaking news

without forming a single opinion
but somebody else’s.


(Photo Credit: SparkNotes)

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Benjamin Chase

Benjamin Chase
Benjamin J. Chase has published articles in Poor Yorick Journal and Christianity Today and poetry in Christianity and Literature, Connecticut River Review, Freshwater, and many other lit journals. He currently teaches English at Christian Heritage High School in Trumbull, Connecticut. He still uses a flip phone. 

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