Adagio for Skin / Wikimedia Commons


Little man behind the podium

I think I know where you’re coming from;

but all of your dead philosophy is vanity of vanities.

I know the dark night of the soul –

the bitter, existential cold;

but I’ve been clothed in righteousness,

and no dress can compete with this.

Your progress is a fallacy.

You hide beneath technology:

a slave to your belief in self –

when the Son of God is your only hope.

My mother gave me discipline,

and plowed the row I’m walking in . . .

I am thankful for a lineage that blossoms as it finishes.


Little word upon my open mouth,

I hesitate your coming out;

I’ve learned that neither steel nor guns

can tame my feral-natured tongue.

I rue the days I let her fly,

with no regard for where or why.

This child feeds on recklessness;

His heart is bound  in foolishness.

I am a flower withered by the sun:

accountable for all I’ve done.

Did I reduce or magnify

the Hand that holdeth up my life?

I’ve been to Hell, and I’ve been to church.

I’ve tasted night for all it’s worth,

but my book of experience is useless to the querious.


Little bird upon my window sill,

have you come to eat your belly’s fill?

I love to leave the table crumbs

across the little hemlock stump.

I tried to sing the melody

I’ve heard you calling in the trees,

but, lo, my mouth is haggard from

the weight of pride upon my tongue.

I kiss my wife upon the lips.

I touch her face with my fingertips.

The air is fraught with tonal stress:

Adagio for Skin, I guess.

I’ve been to college. I’ve been to school.

I’ve memorized The Golden Rule,

but all of my paper documents are blowing in the wind, I guess.


(Photo Credit: / Wikimedia Commons)

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Garrett Soucy

Garrett Soucy, of Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Soucy, has been the singer/songwriter for a number of projects including Tree by Leaf, Sunlight in Architecture, and Calvin & the Freewill Agents. He has been writing lyrics for close 20 years, mining for God from the marrow of all that is good, true and beautiful. The Portland Phoenix said that he is, “. . . widely admired as one of the best songwriters Maine has ever produced.” He has shared the stage with numerous international acts, and although he no longer performs regularly, he continues to write and record songs… as well as deliver at least one sermon every week. He is the husband of one wife, father of 6 children, and pastor of Christ the King Church in Belfast, Maine. He is concerned with measuring his moments against eternity, rather than minutes, and proclaiming the Gospel to a world in need of good news. 

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