A Media Ecology of Theology

Please join the CCSN and Dr. Paul Soukup, S.J, Santa Clara University, for an upcoming webinar titled “A Media Ecology of Theology,” on Tuesday, March 24, 8-9 pm EST. This webinar is free and open to the public.

Dr. Soukup has explored the connections between communication and theology since 1982. His many publications include Mass Media and the Moral Imagination with Philip J. Rossi, and Of Ong & Media Ecology: Essays in Communication, Composition, and Literary Studies. Dr. Soukup serves on the Boards of Trustees of the American Bible Society and of Loyola University of New Orleans.

Please join Dr. Soukup as he examines how changing communication practices have shaped theology over the history of Christianity. Here is a brief description of the webinar:

Building on media ecology approaches, Dr. Soukup examines how changing communication practices have shaped theology over the history of Christianity. He introduces media ecology, then discusses examples of theology in the oral tradition, Christian art, Christian music, Christian liturgy, church architecture, written and printed texts, film, and social media. The webinar will also consider how various theologians have employed different media forms or have reflected on what communication practices do to theology (Registration Fee: Free; Time: 8:00-9:00 pm, EST). This live presentation may be viewed by an individual or group of any size in a single feed.

Register by clicking here.

This webinar will also be recorded and available in the Recorded Webinars area of the network.

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Benjamin Robertson

Benjamin Robertson
Benjamin Robertson is a founding editor at Second Nature. He has worked in advertising for the Chicago Tribune and Gannett, and now is a web developer at Mediacurrent. He studied Communications and Media Studies under Dr. Read Schuchardt at Wheaton College in Illinois. He has presented papers on Marshall McLuhan, media ecology, and Christianity at the Media Ecology Association, National Communication Association, and the McLuhan's Philosophy of Media Centennial Conference in Brussels. He lives with his wife, Ruth, in Greenville, SC. His personal website is benrobertson.io

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