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1995 – Neil Postman on Marshall McLuhan

Read Neil Postman’s interview for the 1995 Understand McLuhan interactive CD-ROM from Voyager Interactive.

Marshall McLuhan- The Playboy Interview

The one good thing Playboy brought into the cultural conversation: the long-form interview

Marshall McLuhan as a Realist Philosopher

Marshall McLuhan, as a newcomer to the Catholic Church in 1937, accepted the realist philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas as its official philosophy. He contributed to the philosophy through a language-based total approach to reality which reconciled the separation between the humanities and the sciences. The root of the separation was in two versions of […]

Passion and Precision: The Faith of Marshall McLuhan

The Catholic Church does not depend on human wisdom or human strategies for survival. All the best intentions in the world can’t destroy the Catholic Church! It is indestructible, even as a human institution. It may once again undergo a terrible persecution and so on. But that’s probably what it needs. – Marshall McLuhan Precision This is a […]

The Ballad of Marshall McLuhan

This might be the most fun introduction to Marshall McLuhan you’ll find. The song: The Ballad of Marshall McLuhan The band: The Vestibules The album: Radio Free Vestibule Lyrics Once upon a time there was a town A town where chaos reigned. Lawlessness was everywhere And there was no cohesive theory existing which properly explained […]

The Ghost(s) of Marshall McLuhan

Here at Second Nature we’re celebrating Halloween and All Saints’ Day by channeling the ghost(s) of Marshall McLuhan. How you ask? We’re reading the only e-mail Neil Postman ever sent in which he poses as the ghost of Marshall McLuhan: This is the Ghost of Marshall McLuhan speaking to you. I don’t have to tell you […]

The Faith of McLuhan vs. The McLuhan of Faith: Understanding His Holy Ground

Written by Michael Giobbe. From the early 19th century to the present, there has been an enterprise called “The Quest for The Historical Jesus” [Allen, 1998]. It was – and continues to be – an attempt to differentiate the actual, situated “Jesus of history” from the Jesus of religious teaching and worship, the “Jesus of faith.” […]

Eric McLuhan’s Obituary

Second Nature Journal offers its deepest condolences to the McLuhan family for the loss of Eric McLuhan on May 18, 2018.  In his passing, Second Nature Journal has also lost a key Editorial Board Member, and a dear friend, mentor, and inspiration. The obituary of the Toronto Star can be read here.

McLuhan Reconsidered by LA Review of Books

How to Become a Famous Media Scholar: The Case of Marshall McLuhan Following the link, you’ll find an article by Jefferson Pooley for the L.A. Review of Books. The title, you may have noticed, is a bit sardonic. And reading the rest of the article will convince you, the author clearly has his issues with […]

McLuhan’s Faith and Works Conference

The First Joint Conference  International Institute for the Study of Technology and Christianity (IISTC) and The Marshall McLuhan Initiative CALL FOR PAPERS McLuhan’s Faith and Works October 18-19, 2015 St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, CANADA  Conference Coordinators: Read Mercer Schuchardt ( Wheaton College Howard R. Engel ( St. Paul’s College UPDATE: Conference program […]

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