5 Digital Dangers, from John Piper

computer userFormer pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis and evangelical theologian John Piper recently posted a devotional called Five Digital Dangers. For each danger, Piper includes a resolution, or some way to combat the problem. For example, the third danger:

3) “Personal” relations with a machine

Like no other invention, a computer comes closest to being like a person. You can play games with it. It will talk to you. It will always be there for you. The great danger here is that we really become comfortable with this manageable electronic “person,” and gradually drift away from the unpredictable, frustrating, sometimes painful dealings with humans persons.

Resolution: I will not replace the risk of personal relationships with impersonal electronic safety.

The other dangers are “the hook of constant curiosity”, “the empty world of virtual (un)reality”, “the risk of tryst”, and “porn”.

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