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Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer Turns Fifty

The world’s literati know that some of the greatest writers have also been some of the greatest satirists. Jane Austen and Jonathan Swift come to mind. So does Kurt Vonnegut. But this year marks the semi-centennial of one particular master of sarcasm and satire. And that would be the inimitable Walker Percy. Percy’s first and most widely acclaimed novel, The Moviegoer, won […]

How Cell Phones, Computers, Gaming and Social Media Are Changing Our Brains

I once got into testy e-mail exchange with a media ecologist over my use of the word addiction in regard to media behavior. He adamantly preferred the word habit for behavior, whether acceptable or problematic, leaving addiction to recovery problems of physiological substance abuse, alcohol, heroin, etc. I had deliberately left out the defining limit […]

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