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Social Media, Lent, and Biotechnology

While many of us give up social media for Lent, social media kind of exploded with Lenten fervor last week for those of us who haven’t given it up. encouraged its followers to spread Lenten devotion around the web with the ashtag hashtag, and it took off. You can see their original post below, […]

Lenten Reflections: Ash Wednesday

Note: Nowadays, technology is one of the most popular objects of Lenten sacrifice. We’ll be posting a series of weekly reflections on technology and spiritual life on Wednesdays throughout Lent, examining our own use of technology. One of the biggest reasons why people fast from technology during Lent is that we’re often frivolous in the time […]

Reading List: Lent and Digital Mindfulness

It sneaks up on us every year, but Ash Wednesday is two days away and as we prepare for Lent, I know that many of us think about how we will adjust our technological habits to focus more on the spiritual journey of Lent and loosen our grasp on the business of everyday life and […]

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