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The Overview Effect

“We’re going to turn the camera around and show you the Earth,” begins OVERVIEW, a documentary about the first images of Earth taken by humans and the effect that picture of the earth had on the astronauts who took it–and eventually the rest of the culture. The documentary discusses what author Frank White calls the […]

Arcade Fire: On Reflektion

It’s a music video, but it only works on your computer. Scratch that, it only works in your web browser–that is, if you are using Google Chrome and have a web cam AND have a smart phone handy. This is Arcade Fire’s latest ‘Chrome Experiment,’ which they are promoting in advance of their new album, […]

Ellen Rose’s “On Reflection”: A Review

Ellen Rose, On Reflection: An Essay on Technology, Education, and the Status of Thought in the Twenty-first Century. Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press, 2013 124p $29.95 (CDN) Who Ellen Rose is Professor of Education at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton. For slightly more than the last decade, she has taught graduate students and written widely […]

Online Communion for United Methodists?

Last week, Leroy Huizenga (@LHuizenga) sent us a link to an article on the United Methodist Church’s website titled, “Should churches offer Holy Communion online?” The article notes that this is one of the questions that was to be tackled by a group of UM bishops, theologians, and pastors sponsored by the UM Board of […]

God Does Not Post to YouTube

The following text was originally delivered as a Wheaton College chapel talk on March 4th, 2009. A video of the talk may be viewed here. When the college chaplain invited me to speak on the theme of “Embracing God’s Will”, I immediately accepted — in fact, I embraced it as God’s will.  And my next […]

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