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The smartphone invasion of the last 8 years, as seen in just 2 photos

What a difference 8 years makes! A comparison of crowds surrounding the transition to a new Pope just 8 years apart. The top is from Bl John Paul II’s funeral; the bottom from the election of Pope Francis. I think I can spot two cell phones in the 2005 picture? (One in each bottom corner.) […]

The ‘Creepy Cameraman’: A look into our Google Glass future?

Surveillance cameras are recording us constantly – so why does it matter if a person is holding the camera? Someone in Washington State has raised this question with a series of videos in which he simply video records random people for no apparent reason. Google Glass is supposed to available to the public before the […]

Priest smashes TV on the altar during Mass

An Italian news source has reported that a parish priest recently placed a TV set on the altar during Mass and smashed it with a hammer. The priest said the demonstration was supposed to remind parishioners not become slaves to technology: “The technologies serve us and are useful, but should be used with a critical […]

Life Advice From Machines

Neil Postman used to always ask, “To what problem is this technology an answer?” Besides solving our everyday problems like extending our daylight and making it easier to open our car windows, our machines also have generated a large amount of advice for humans, as evidenced over at Life Advice From Machines. The author of […]

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