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“Transhumanists Want to be Gods”, says Wesley J. Smith

Over at the National Review Online, Wesley J. Smith has an interesting short piece in which he says Transhumanism is a kind of religion: Transhumanism is a collective of (mostly) naked materialists who hope science and technology will replace the deeper meaning they lost by rejecting metaphysical beliefs. Transhumanists harbor futuristic dreams of making themselves […]

Google Glass out by end of 2013, video shows cool user interface

CBS reports Google’s augmented reality head-mounted display project called ‘Glass’ will be available for purchase by the public before the end of 2013, presumably in time for the holiday season, and will cost less than $1500. Google Glass has already been made available for some developers. If you’re not a developer, you can try your luck […]

Robotic Blackjack dealer

Check out this video of a new robot from Yaskawa Motoman Robotics that can deal black jack. It apparently uses suction to pick up cards and can even transfer cards from one “hand” to the other: h/t The Singularity Hub

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