Wayword by Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Soucy

. . .the process of perception is that of incarnation. Marshall McLuhan, The Medium and the Light ‘Wayword’ (available on CDBaby) is a second collection of songs by Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Soucy, a collection of songs with many allusions to both Christian faith and McLuhan’s ideas about media and culture.  I note the artists’ […]


The Phone Is Too Much With Us

After William Wordsworth The phone is too much with us, now and soon. Searching and scrolling, we bypass our powers. Little we live in moments that are ours— we’ve given here away, forgotten … [Read More...]


Ellul Meets Bazin: The Ethics of Reality and the Photo/Cinema Image

On the very first page of his book The Humiliation of the Word, the French theologian and cultural critic Jacques Ellul makes his first reference to cinema: “There is also cinematic language—I’m well … [Read More...]


Eschatology and the Technological Future Review

Michael S. Burdett is a postdoctoral fellow at Oxford's Wycliffe Hall and holds degrees in engineering, physics, and theology. My imagination tells me he can answer basically … [Read More...]

To Read This Poem

Type in the following characters or identify below each photograph containing one or more egrets. (FTWA: the egret is a member of the heron family, usually buff or white, … [Read More...]

The Cultivated Life

Susan S. Phillips, The Cultivated Life: From Ceaseless Striving to Receiving Joy, InterVarsity Press, May 2015, paperback, 256 pages Who can deny that the popular lyrics … [Read More...]

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