Media Song of Myself

A poem by Benjamin Chase.


Art and Context, Postman and Monet

I like understanding things. This is why I hated for so long those parts of the art museum labelled “modern” or “contemporary.” I didn’t understand the things I saw in there, so I’d go check my phone … [Read More...]


Muting the Voices of the Body: Music, Technology and Ministry, Once Again

The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming book: Brian Brock and Bernd Wannenwetsch, The Therapy of the Christian Body: A Theological Exposition of 1 Corinthians, Volume 2, Eugene: Cascade, due … [Read More...]



fear phalanxes fear the hordes against civilization fear fear fear fear fear itself fear there fear here fear everywhere fear the refugees marching to the … [Read More...]

The Benedict Option and the Media Ecology of Rod Dreher

Any Benedict Option that fails to deal honestly and forcefully with our relationship to technology and popular culture will fail. —Rod Dreher When Benedict of Nursia left … [Read More...]


Blank. Eye. Fire. Blank stares. Muffled agitation. Consternation meets with eye fire debates down to the wire bubbling barometric pressure spewing forth from the … [Read More...]

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