Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer Turns Fifty

The world's literati know that some of the greatest writers have also been some of the greatest satirists. Jane Austen and Jonathan Swift come to mind. So does Kurt Vonnegut. But this year marks the … [Read more...]

New Poetry Collection by David Oestreich

David Oestreich, one of our longest standing contributors and the first poet we featured on Second Nature, has released a new collection of poems, titled Cosmophagy. From the description: If you sit … [Read more...]

Internet Confessional

Don't forget these internet sins next time you go to confession (shared from First Things): Bless me, Father, for I have sinned; it has been one day since my last confession. Three times I … [Read more...]

Hacking Christmas in a Technological Society

How to use store check-out technology the right way: … [Read more...]

Conference Program: McLuhan’s Faith and Works

The program for the McLuhan's Faith and Works conference is now available. Click here to download. … [Read more...]

Event: Seven Vices of the Virtual Life

Seven Vices of the Virtual Life: Unintended Spiritual Consequences of Digital Media ORGANIZED BY Apple Valley Presbyterian Church 2015 Summer Lecture on the Christian & … [Read more...]

Technology Has Hijacked Family Dinner Time

Technology has hijacked family dinnertime. So to help bring families together for dinner, Dolmio created the Pepper Hacker. It cracks pepper, shuts down TVs, wipes out WiFi and disables mobile … [Read more...]

A Media Ecology of Theology

Please join the CCSN and Dr. Paul Soukup, S.J, Santa Clara University, for an upcoming webinar titled “A Media Ecology of Theology,” on Tuesday, March 24, 8-9 pm EST. This webinar is free and open to … [Read more...]

Second Nature: Best of 2014

From all of us at Second Nature, we wish you and your families a merry Christmas and happy new year. For our newer readers or for those who might have missed them, here's a round up of our 10 most … [Read more...]

Data Privacy and Terms of Service: A Graphic Novel

"What if we're not getting a fair trade for our information?" asks Josh Neufeld in a new exploration of the bigger questions surrounding data privacy. (Added cool factor bonus: it's a graphic novel). … [Read more...]

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