Blank. Eye. Fire. Blank stares. Muffled agitation. Consternation meets with eye fire debates down to the wire bubbling barometric pressure spewing forth from the microphone. Leaning on … [Read More...]


How Cell Phones, Computers, Gaming and Social Media Are Changing Our Brains

I once got into testy e-mail exchange with a media ecologist over my use of the word addiction in regard to media behavior. He adamantly preferred the word habit for behavior, whether acceptable or … [Read More...]


Under The Spreading Chestnut Tree

  In 1984 Winston recalled the lyrics: “Under the spreading chestnut tree I sold you and you sold me.” What could that ever mean? What could the significance be? Is this really how … [Read More...]


God is Not Spectacular

Communication technologies are not neutral channels. Just as the riverbed shapes the path of the river as much as the river does, so too, society’s media shape their … [Read More...]


So far from town no city-shine could veil the stars, the moon being down, no lights of passing cars to dazzle us, we craned to watch as bits of ore, like Icarus on fire, … [Read More...]

Being Disabled in the New World of Genetic Testing

  by Brian Brock PhD and Stephanie Brock RN Introduction This paper speaks biographically in order to introduce a real time snapshot of the forces genetic technologies … [Read More...]

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