Microsoft Company Portrait 1978 — and Prophecy

I. Yes, everyone that year owned too much Italian Polyester. Farrah Fawcett managed to flip-and-giggle, but no one else. Contact lenses then were all rigid -- less comfortable than a good pair of coke bottle glasses, yes. But these twelve against the living room wall in scruffy suburbia, Sweating into the sofa while the photographer … [Read More...]



Plasticity and Imagination

The understanding of the brain’s activity conveyed by popular scientific writing misses much of the continuum of thought and consciousness. We are fascinated at the supposed correspondence of anatomy … [Read More...]


poem final

The Astronaut’s Wife

I longsufferingly confide you to the shadow As I stare at the capsule slipping in orbit Behind the chalky, round lamp inconstant, and I Imagine you cradled in space, suckled by tubes, Wordless … [Read More...]



The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World

Our technological advancements have one trajectory: up. Up the corporate ladder, up in social status, up and away from our surroundings, our physical demands, from the bore of … [Read More...]

my age of information

my age of information

in the dream the headline always holds the same note of devastation for a land i can’t find on a map in an article i meant to read in the dream which has … [Read More...]

neil postman final

Neil Postman and the Judeo-Christian Worldview

On October 5, 2003 Neil Postman, mass media and cultural critic, my former professor and friend, died. Postman was a Professor at New York University for more than 40 years … [Read More...]

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